Allstar Solution 4 Step Mounting System

Designing the Module Field

Following on from the previous post about the Australian Wind Map, we thought it would be a good idea to help installers when they are designing the module field. This article will give you an idea on how to create and design the module field when using Allstar Solution racking. Please note that this is only a guide and you should seek out specific requirements when installing in your specific wind zone.

Module FieldIf you look at the image above, if outlines the distance between roof connection for a portrait installation. Clamp on roof hooks needs to be installed in the specific distances depending on the distance of the rafters and the site-specific wind load conditions.

Key Tips and calculations;

  1. Determining the height of the module field = module height X numbers of modules vertically.
  2. Determining the width of the module field = Number of modules horizontally x width of the module + 18mm + 32mm
  3. The distance between roof connections vertically = (according to the clamping points pre-defined by the module producer): Quarter-points of the modules, about one half of the module height.
  4. Distance between modules = 17mm

When positioning the module please take into considerations;

  • The dimensions of the tiles or other roof coverings.
  • The position of the rafters.
  • Define the precise actual horizontal distance between roof connections.
  • The distance between roof paths defines the precise actual vertical distance between roof connections.


Allstar Solution mounting systems are designed to be installed anywhere on the roof structure except for Exclusion Zones (refer to image below) which is normally in high wind zone areas. It is recommended to install the mounting system, as close to Central Zone as possible as the central roof structure would be much stronger to support the weight of the whole system after solar panels are installed. When installing within the End Zone you should note that the spacing is less due to more supporting that is required.

If you would like to learn more about designing the module field, or installting Allstar Solution mounting products, you can download the installation guide from the home page of our website.

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