Allstar Solution Australia wind map

Australian Wind Map

When it comes to installing solar you must be aware of the wind capacity both the panels and racking can withstand. To find this information regarding your zone can be tricky, so in order to help you we have all the information you need right here.

Wind Map Key Tips

It is important for you to identify the Wind Region or Wind Zone of your installation so a correct footing spacing can be determined based on the type of roof.

Wind Region is categorised in four regions, A,B,C,D based on the calculated wind speed of the area.

Spacing is different from roof types and slope of the roof.

To be compliant with AS1170, Australia’s main building Code you must verify and make sure the spacing is correct, and the qualifications have been fulfilled.


Failure to identify the Win Regions and se of the correct spacing may result in damages to the mounting system and roof structure.


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