General Information

Allstar Solution Information

Thank you for choosing All Star Solution Solar Mounting System. Made from custom built aluminium extrusions and components, All Stars innovative design and improved frame strength, greatly simplify solar panel installation.

Our easy four step installation ensures that the D-modules can be put into the D-rail position quickly. The D-modules are pre-assembled with the clamp to save you on installation time.
Each component attaches to the rail with our unique ‘Tilt-In Module’ design which cuts down on installation time. ‘Tilt-In Module’ is illustrated below.

Tilt-In Module






Key Applications

  • Commercial & Residential Buildings
  • Marine applications and remote areas.

Materials Used in Allstar Solution Racking

Aluminium Parts/Components6005-T5 Aluminium Extruded
Tile BracketsSUS304 Stainless Steel
BoltsSUS304 Stainless Steel
Washers, Rings & ClipsSUS304 Stainless Steel
Wood ScrewsSUS410 Stainless Steel (Chromium Coated)
Finishing on Aluminium Parts/ComponentsAnodized 12um Clear

Safety Instructions

  • It is critically important that safety practises are observed when installing, such as your surroundings, installation conditions and safety harness use, when working at height.
  • Do not throw or roughly handle and All-Star Solution components.
  • Do not bring All Star mounting systems into contact with sharp or heavy objects.
  • Do not modify and All Star component in any way. The exchange of bolts, drilling of holes, bending or any other physical changes not described in standard installation procedure will void the warranty and may cause substantial damagers to the roof structure, and also the mounting system.
  • It is the installer’s responsibility to verify the integrity of the structure to which All Star components are fixed. Roofs or structures will void the warranty, and could result in death or serious injury.
  • After installing the system, it is important to check all the drilling point to the roof structure is sealed from water leakage.