All Star mounting systems are designed for a worldwide application and engineered to withhold different types of weather and winds conditions. For Australia the mounting system was reviewed and certified by SPAD Consulting Engineers in New South Wales.

By complying to the requirements set out in the SPAD Engineering Certificate your design and installation with All Star Solutions will be certified in compliance with the Australian Building Codes outlined in the list below, relating to structural issues.

Certificate                               Description

AS/NZS 1170.0-2002 (R:2016)                Structural Design Actions Part 0: General Principles

AS/NZS 1170.2-2011                                   Structural Design Action Part 2: Wind Actions

AS 1664.1-1997                                            Aluminium Structures Part 1: Limit State Design

AS/NZS 4673-2001                                   Cold Formed Stainless Steel

AS 1684.1-1991                                           Residential Timber – Framed Construction – Design Criteria

AS 1684.2-2010                                          Residential Timber – Framed Construction – Non-Cyclonic Areas

AS 1684.2-2010                                         Residential Timber – Framed Construction – Cyclonic Areas

AS 1720.1-2010                                          Timber Structures – Design Methods

AS 3566.1-2002                                         Self-Drilling screws for the building and construction industries

AS 3566.2-2002                                        Part 2: Corrosion Resistances Requirements

ISO 3506.1-2009                                      Mechanical Properties of Corrosion-Resistance Stainless Steel Fasteners